Mt Mourne, NC

Mt Mourne, NC

Mount Mourne is a small but prestigious suburban town in North Carolina. The rural town provides a nice and quiet environment for people looking to raise a family or retire.

The town is an unincorporated community located in Iredell County, NC south of Mooresville. The city enjoys considerably mild temperatures making it ideal for vacationing in the summer and winter. In addition, the scenic outdoor surroundings flourish with green trees and pastures throughout most of the year.

Accessibility to Mt Mourne is also easy. The town’s location offers convenient access to some of thebiggest cities in North Carolina. Mooresville is the closest city to the town, located 3.5 miles northeast of Mount Mourne. Charlotte City is only a 22-mile drive from the town, while Greensboro is about 70 miles away.

The History of Mount Mourne

Ireland settlers gave Mount Mourne the name after Mourne Mountain.

However, before the European settlers moved to Mount Mourne, the North Carolina town was home to Native Americans. In addition, Mayan and Incan people had also moved into most parts of the state, including Mt Mourne.

Early European settlers started moving into North Carolina as they expanded their territory in the Nineteenth Century. With the increasing number of settlers, Mount Mourne became a critical area for routine slave crossing in the state.

The influx in the slave trade led to the building of the Mount Mourne Post Office, which opened on April 5, 1805. James Houston was named the first postmaster in the town.

By the 1830s, the town had established itself as a key stakeholder in North Carolina’s agricultural trade. In 1836, Mount Mourne Plantation was built, becoming one of the state’s most successful and wealthiest plantations.

Housing and Real Estate Market in Mount Mourne, NC

Real Estate Market

According to Neighborhood Scouts, Mount Mourne has a median real estate price of $328,548. The town’s real estate price is 69.1% more than other neighborhoods in the state and 55.0% more than other neighborhoods in the U.S. The high price is attributed to a higher competitive market.

In addition, Mount Mourne’s average rental price was $1,191 in 2022. The town’s rental cost was 74.1% higher than other suburbs in the state.


Mount Mourne’s real estate housing is primarily dominated by small studios, bedrooms, and two-bedroom houses. However, median-sized three-to-four-bedroom houses are also available for families that want more residential space. The town also has small apartment buildings for renters looking for affordable housing.

The town’s current vacancy rate is 3.0%, which is 82.4% lower than vacancy rates in the country.

Cost of Living in Mount Mourne, NC

In 2022, cost of living in the town went up by 1.5%. The increased living cost was primarily due to the significant rise in food, transportation, and housing, caused by the pandemic.

However, it is worth noting that Mt Moure’s cost of living was 3.4% lower than the U.S. average.

Living in Mount Mourne

Mount Mourne offers the perfect sceneries for many outdoor lovers looking for some fun. Autumn is the ideal time to explore the countryside and hike in multiple parks around the city.

In addition, the town is also home to some of the historic buildings and grounds in North Carolina. The Centre Presbyterian Church, Session House and Cemetery, The Johnson-Neel House, and Mount Mourne Plantation are some of the town’s cultural hubs.

Just a short drive from the Mt. Mourne area is the Trump National Golf Club. Visit it from some of the best rounds of golf you can have in the area.

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