Mayhew, NC

Mayhew, NCMayhew is located in Iredell County, NC. The town is one-of-a-kind, with scenic views that are ideal for hiking and biking. The city has much to offer in terms of recreation and landscape, making it suitable for outdoor lovers. Mayhew’s residents enjoy moderate weather as the mountains shield the town from extreme colds and storms.

The small North Carolina town also has access to some of the most significant towns in North Carolina. Charlotte, the second-largest banking city in America, is also the closest big city to Mayhew and is only 24 miles away, but even closer is the town of Mooresville, also known as Race City USA.

History of Mayhew

Mayhew is named after the Mayhew family that settled in the late eighteenth century.

In 1757, John Love William Mayhew and his family settled in North Carolina, setting up a house and general store. John Mayhew bought a tract of land, building a brush arbor known as the Preacher Mayhew. The arbor became a famous area for worship. It was later renamed McKendree Methodist Episcopal Church.

Mayhew’s population grew during the 1800s, with many settlers buying land for agriculture. The residents in the town started growing oats, soybeans, cotton, and corn, which they used to trade after the opening of the railroad in Mooresville.

Mayhew’s Population

The suburban town has a small population of about 44,502 residents. According to Point2, the people in the city are predominantly female, approximately 50.34%. The median age for most of the residents is 43 years. Likewise, 89.6% of the residents were born in the U.S., while 5.59% are non-citizens.

Mayhew’s average income per household is about $63,252. The town’s income per household is roughly 20% higher than North Carolina’s average income rate, which is approximately $49,737, and the national average, at $57,518.

Real Estate Market in Mayhew

Real Estate Market

The small suburb has one of the most expensive real estate markets in North Carolina. Mayhew has a median real estate price of about $862,658, which is 97.2% higher than other neighborhoods in the state and 90.2% higher than other U.S. neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Scouts also note that Mayhew has one of the highest rental prices in North Carolina. The town’s average rental price is $2.377, 89.9% higher than the states. The high prices are attributed to the competitive nature of Mayhew’s real estate market.


Most of Mayhew’s real estate is owner-occupied. In addition, the town’s real estate is dominated by medium-sized houses with three or four bedrooms. However, Mayhew also has an influx of four, five, or more bedrooms, apartments, and mobile homes.

Things To Do in Mayhew

Mayhew is home to some scenic landscapes that families enjoy during a fun outdoor day. Here are some of the town’s favorite spots.

Lake Norman

Lake Norman is a popular place to visit and interact with nature. The lake’s hiking and biking trails are excellent for outdoor adventurers looking for an adventure. In addition, the lake also has a mix of galleries, restaurants, and shops for visitors to enjoy.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway is an ideal place to see “America’s Home for Racing.” The race track is home to NASCAR, NHRA, and World of Outlaws races. Likewise, visitors can also see some historical racing relics on their Wall of Fame.

After spending some time downtown head over to the Memory Lane Museum for a look back at some of the finest automobiles made in the US!

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