Lazy 5 Ranch near Mooresville, NC

Lazy 5 Ranch near Mooresville, NC

The Lazy 5 Ranch near Mooresville, North Carolina offers a family friendly environment to see domestic and exotic animals up close and personal.

Henry Hampton realized his ambition on May 22, 1993, after years of preparation and arduous labor. He launched the facility with just a five-person workforce, two structures, and two wagons. After briefly deliberating on the park’s name, his kid suggested the name Lazy 5 Ranch. Five supposedly “lazy” persons made up the Hampton family then.

The Lazy 5 Ranch makes an effort to maintain a dynamic atmosphere by introducing new exhibits and broadening the selection of animals visible in the drive-through safari zones. The Lazy 5 Ranch’s goals include providing an excellent environment for breeding the most extraordinary creatures while educating visitors in a fun way.

Lazy 5 Ranch History and Attractions

The Grevy Zebra, Ring-tailed Lemur, and Scimitar Horned Oryx are a few endangered species that The Lazy 5 Ranch is working to help recover. Visitors should learn a lot and enjoy themselves during a trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch.

For many years before his home became open to the public, Mr. Hampton welcomed school groups to see the animals from the other side of the fence and through the gaps in the barn doors.

Others circled the driveway to catch a peek at the several rare species. After realizing the educational and entertaining possibilities, Mr. Hampton started developing his idea for a park that would enable kids and adults to experience his exotic animal collection.

Some 30 years after it first opened, more than 750 animals from 6 different continents now call the Lazy 5 Ranch home. The Lazy 5 Ranch, still maintained by the Hampton family, is renowned across the country for producing superior show goats and sheep.

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