Davidson North Carolina

Davidson North Carolina

Davidson is a suburban community on the Lake Norman shoreline in the northern Mecklenburg and Iredell counties in the American state of North Carolina. It is a neighborhood of the Charlotte metro region.

The town’s northern boundary stretches into Iredell County, and its western boundary parallels Lake Norman’s shoreline, a sizable reservoir on the Catawba River. Lake Davidson, a drainage basin of Lake Norman, borders Davidson’s northern edge. The community of Cornelius abuts Davidson on its southern side, and it is located south of the¬†city of Mooresville, NC.

History and Town Growth

According to the US Census, the population was 10,944 in 2010 and 15,106 in 2020. The town of Davidson was established in 1837, along with the founding of the Presbyterian Davidson College. It bore the name of a local Revolutionary War hero, Brigadier General William Lee Davidson. Davidson’s son gave a significant chunk of his father’s fortune to Davidson College.

Davidson College predated the surrounding community and had an impact on its growth. It is intrinsically related to the history of the town of Davidson. Although Davidson’s development in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was typical of tiny railroad towns throughout Piedmont, the college’s presence gave rise to a unique village.

The campus, which was surrounded by classically styled buildings and shaded by trees, set Davidson apart from other towns. Along with impacting the town’s business, culture, and architectural style, the institution had an influence that spread far beyond the campus. The Branson’s business directory from 1869 includes a cabinetmaker, a miller, three physicians, and four dry goods merchants.

With the railroad’s arrival, Davidson became a transportation hub for cotton and a center for agricultural services. Cotton mills and villages grew along the rail line, similar to other railroad towns in the area. The town’s name was officially changed from “Davidson College” to “Davidson” in 1891, signifying the community’s expanding roles for town and gown.

Population and People

The neighborhood had 4,253 dwelling units and 10,944 residents as of the 2010 Census. The racial composition of the town included 87.8% White, 6.4% African Americans, 3.8% Latinos or Hispanics, 2.8% Asians, 0.2% Native Americans, and 1.7% mixed ethnic origin inhabitants.

There were roughly 2,429 family households, of which 2.6% had male residents with absent wives, 7.3% had female residents without husbands present, 33.8% were non-families, and 34.2% had dependents under 18.

56.3% of households were cohabiting married couples, 26.4% were individuals, and 7.3% had a person who was 65 years or older living alone. There was an average of 2 people in each household and 3 people per family. The town had an evenly distributed population, with 22.8% under 18, 14.9% from 20 to 29, 21.9% from 35 to 49, 16.2% from 50 to 64, and 12.5% above 65. The average age was 35.7. Males made up 47.5% of the population, while females made up 52.5%.

According to the 2020 US census, the town of Davidson had a population of 15,106, including 3,011 families and 4,336 households. The racial make included 82.32%, White (non-Hispanic), 5.45% Hispanic or Latino, 4.94% Black or African American (non-Hispanic), 0.17% Native American, 3.33% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, and 3.79% other and mixed ethnic populations.


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