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off-road dumptruck rental in mooresville nc

We are a family-run business dedicated to serving our community. We have 14 years of perfecting our skills so you can bet that we will not disappoint.

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About Us

Our Heavy Equipment Rental company started with refurbishing and selling skid steers. As we grew our customer base we found a need for larger and newer machinery and also found that not all of our customers were at a stage in their business where they could buy this equipment so we began offering rentals to meet their needs. 

Our Equipment Rentals

We offer a variety of rentals that cover a wide range of needs. Read below for a full description off all the equipment but a few of the types of machines include: Excavators, Skid Steers, Mini Excavators, Bulldozers, Off-road dump trucks, Water Trucks, Concrete Buggies, Telehandler/Lull, Long Reach Excavators, Trenchers, Compactors, and more. For a full list of our inventory click here. We are constantly adding new inventory to our rental fleet so don’t hesistate to call if you have any construction machinery rental needs!

Construction Equipment For Rent

Excavator Rental

An excavator is a heavy construction machine. It is for digging and moving the soil. Every construction project needs an excavator. The excavator has a bucket, cab, boom, and a dipper attached to a rotating platform called the ‘house.’ The excavator has tracks or wheels.

The components of the excavators give it superior digging power. Therefore, you can use it for various purposes such as digging trenches, lifting waste or earth, and even breaking holes.

There are three main types of excavators:

  • Standard excavators. These excavators are the best for heavy lifting applications and moving earth in bulk. They are heavy, sometimes weighing more than 200,000 pounds.
  • Midi excavators. These are the middle point, weighing less than standard excavators but more than mini-excavators. These are best for confined job sites that require heavy lifting too.
  • Mini-excavators. They are versatile equipment, ideal for minor demolition projects. You can learn more about them below.

Excavators require a professional operator during the equipment rental period. Therefore, as tempting as you may be to rent one and remove the stump in your backyard, you best leave it to professionals.

Renting an excavator will cost between $900 and $1800 per day. It depends on the rental company and the excavator.

We offer competitive rental prices per industry standards. Our equipment is reliable and ideal for any construction project. 

Off road dumptruck and excavators for rent in mooresville nc
yellow and black excavator for rent in mooresville nc
Soil compacting machine with bulldozer and excavator in background available for rent in mooresville nc

Mini Excavator Rental

A mini excavator or compact excavator is a construction piece of equipment rental we have to offer. It has similar capabilities to a regular excavator with the advantage of compactness.

The mini excavator has a boom, dipper, cab, and rotating house. Some have tracks while others sit on wheels.

Because of their size, mini excavators are perfect for smaller jobs that do not require a lot of heavy lifting.

These are best for projects that involve stump removal and material handling. On top of this, you can use them for tree harvesting and grave digging.

Professional operators also use the mini excavator for general digging projects, landscaping, renovations, repairing sewer lines, demolishing small buildings, and installing water features such as pools and hot tubs.

The main advantage of the mini excavator is minimal damage to the top ground. The machine is lighter compared to the other two types of excavators.

Therefore, you enjoy minimal track marks and top ground damage. Additionally, operators can fit some with attachments to diversify their capabilities.

Renting a mini excavator costs between $300 and $600 per day. This deal is great on a short-term basis.

You may also consider buying the excavator, which will cost between $50,000 and $150,000. But this is only a good deal if your needs are regular and go beyond a year.

Otherwise, it is better to rent. 

Bulldozer Rental

The bulldozer is the most popular construction equipment. It is a motorized machine that every construction project will likely need and renting a bulldozer is a great way to get one to your job site.

The bulldozer has a metal blade on the front to push soil, debris, snow, rock, and rubble to different spots during construction.

It can also remove stumps by pushing and lifting them from the ground. Additionally, the bulldozer sits on tracks making it the perfect equipment rental where you need good traction!

There are three main types of bulldozers.

  • The crawler bulldozer or track bulldozer is a heavyweight piece of equipment that looks similar to a tractor. It is ideal for projects on irregular terrain because it has excellent traction. Some even help with clearing and crushing rock.
  • The wheel bulldozer or tire bulldozer is larger than a crawler. The tires offer better handling too. The machine is best for soft or sensitive ground because tires are gentler than tracks.
  • And finally, the mini bulldozer or compact bulldozer is smaller and more maneuverable. It is ideal for compact projects because of its size. It is best for grading and clearing land.


Due to the size of our bulldozers we only offer them for a minimum of one week rentals. Montly Rentals and long term rentals are also available. Renting a bulldozer per week can range from $1000-$3000 per week depending on the size of the machine.

soil compactor smooth drum machine available for rent in mooresville nc
wheel loader for rent moving across construction site in mooresville nc
large cat bulldozer for rent in mooresville nc

Skid Steer Rentals

A skid steer or skid loader is a small engine-powered machine. It is also referred to as a ‘Bobcat,’ which is a brand name for one of the skid-steer manufacturers. It is a very versatile machine if you need a heavy equipment rental.

The machine sits on either four wheels or two tracks. The way the machine moves (in a skid-like motion) is what gives it its name.

The skid steer has a range of attachment options. Therefore, you can accomplish many jobs with it while you have it out on an equipment rental.

It comes with a standard bucket that can move and lift heavy materials.

It is therefore ideal for excavation, clearing snow, construction, digging, trenching, and landscaping.

There are three types of skid steers.

  • Large frame. The large-frame skid-steer is best for extensive demolition and excavation projects. It can maneuver through large spaces easily.
  • Medium frame. The medium-frame skid steer often functions as a digger in paces that a large one cannot fit. Additionally, it does not damage the ground as much as the large-frame steer.
  • Small frame. The small frame skid steer can maneuver tight spaces. It is, therefore, best for landscaping and tight construction sites.

It costs between $300 and $600 to rent a skid steer for a day. If you only use it for a few days, it is better to rent than to buy.

Telehandler Rental

A telehandler or telescopic handler is a machine common in the agricultural and construction industry. The machine is also known as a reach forklift, off road forklift, or lull.

It is important to note that a telehandler is not the same as a forklift. The telehandler is more versatile compared to forklifts because it can lift forward, backward, and side-to-side.

Telehandlers also give better reach than forklifts, about 30 feet more. Finally, forklifts are more compact than telehandlers.

A telehandler can accept various attachments. This makes it a versatile piece of equipment. Primarily, it is a lift and place tool.

With other attachments such as buckets, lifting forks, and sweepers, it can accomplish different tasks such as lifting, moving earth, snow removal, and clearing land.

One advantage of the telehandler is the ability to work off-road and on-road. It can move on smooth roads and irregular terrain.

Additionally, the machine can handle several tons of material, making it stronger than a forklift and similar equipment.

Finally, the telehandler can transport materials to heights that are impossible to reach with just one machine. It is a necessary machine for any construction project.

As for telehandler equipment rental, expect to spend between $200 and $4,500 per day, depending on the reach and lifting capacity.

Track of a long reach excavator or track hoe for rent in mooresville nc
large wheel loader available for rent in mooresville nc, track loader also available
tracked skid steer made by bobcat available for rent in mooresville nc

Long Reach Excavator Rental

A long-reach excavator is a type of excavator with an extended arm. The extended arm allows the machine to reach further than a regular excavator.

These machines are ideal to reach deep into lakes or across ponds and creeks where other machines cannot go. Instead of excavating the ground, some models are excellent choices for reaching the upper stories of buildings for various functions.

There are various types and models of long-reach excavators. Some have heavy-duty buckets that are perfect for marble and granite excavation. Others have a longer arm ideal for engineering works such as lake dredging.

Some new models can even reach up to 118 feet. Most are designed to operate in challenging work environments such as rough terrain and bad weather.

Improvements are always on the rise as some long-reach excavators have tilting cabs and extra protection to make the equipment more operator-friendly and safe.  Myers Heavy Equipment Rental currently does not have one of these machines but we are always looking for new inventory.

Renting a long reach excavator will put you down between $1000-$2500 per day. Of course, the price can be higher or lower depending on the rental company and manufacturer of the machine.

Water Truck Rental

As the name suggests, water trucks are large trucks that have tanks at the back for storing and transporting water.

They also have a controller spray nozzle for distributing the water. You will likely see water trucks in construction sites, mining quarries, frames, and areas needing fire control.

They can hold between 2,000 and 4,000 gallons of water. Special designs can hold up to 10,000 gallons.

Water trucks have several uses, depending on where they are during the equipment rental. Some of them include:

  • Dust control. You will find a lot of dust in mining and construction sites due to the use of heavy equipment and loose topsoil. Dust slows down the work and puts workers at health risk. They may develop bronchitis, asthma, eye irritation, and even heart disease. Water trucks efficiently prevent dust by following grading equipment and dampening the soil.
  • Soil compaction. It is the process of creating a flat, even ground by compacting. The flat and even ground is necessary even for construction projects. Soil compaction calls for removing the air content while keeping the water content intact. A water truck provides a portable water source for this function. Too much water will make the ground unstable, while too little will not let the soil particles adhere to each other. Water trucks spray just the right amount of liquid.

Trencher Rental

A trencher is, as the name suggests, a piece of equipment for digging trenches in construction. The trencher digs trenchers for electrical cables, pipes, and installing drainage.

There are two main types of trenchers:

  • Wheel Trenchers. These have a toothed metal wheel. You use the machine for hard or soft soils. They can cut pavement and create access under roads for utilities. They have spacers and ejectors that move the materials away from the trench edges.
  • Chain trenchers. These have a chainsaw-like design. The bucket type lets the operator dig through hard soil. It has a digging chain or belt that cuts the ground. The machine can cut deep and narrow trenches.

There are many ways operators use trenchers during an equipment rental. They can cut through rock or pavement such as streets, highways, and interstates.

Additionally, they can dig through several feet of soil to create drainage. They are also ideal for shoveling dirt.

The most common use is digging for electrical wires, such as from the power pole to a residence.

Finally, trenchers have a blade. If you encounter roots as you dig, the machine uses the blade to cut through the roots.

On average, popular trenchers such as Ditch Witch trenchers will cost you $150 to $500 to rent for the day.

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Fun Facts About Mooresville, NC

Here are some of the interesting facts about our community that made us want to stay!

  • First, Mooresville is also known as Race City USA because it is the home of multiple NASCAR racing teams and drivers. You will find well over 50 NASCAR teams and businesses here.
  • The residents of the city are not short on places to be on the outside. Mooresville is home to 15 parks, 15 tennis courts, 15 basketball fields, and 19 ball fields with night lights.
  • Mooresville also boasts one of the best school systems in the country. In 2010, every student in the 4th and 12th grades received a MacBook laptop.
  • Speaking of education, you will find several higher education institutions in Mooresville. These include the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, Franklin University, and Davidson College.
  • And when you graduate, you have a high chance of getting a job right here in Mooresville. The job market has increased and is predicted to keep improving. Specialists predict over 40,000 workers in the Mooresville area by 2025. Who knows, you may join the Myers Heavy Equipment family pretty soon!

If you are new to Mooresville, we hope you can stay a while and enjoy the many outdoor spaces. If you decide to make roots, then we encourage you to make use of our services. We love to add names to our portfolio of satisfied customers, so call us today.